If it is your first time having a skin treatment we request your arrival 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow completion of your consultation form.


Arriving late will unfortunately limit the time allocated for your treatment but will continue to incur the full treatment charge. This is only applied if there is a client booked in directly after you. It is a courtesy to all our clientele that all treatments are completed as scheduled.


To secure your booking we will require your Credit Card details to be kept on your file. In the instance of a last minute cancellation or no show a fee of $50 will be charged or $100 for treatments over 1.5 hours.

To prevent fees from occurring please respond to your reminder text by 9am the following day upon receiving it.

In the instance where 2 last minute cancellations occur, the fee does not become redeemable off a future appointment. A 3rd last minute cancellation will require a $50-$100 booking deposit for all future appointments moving forward.


We love children however due to Occupational Health & Safety and limited space we advise not to bring them.

Payments can be made via Cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Eftpos


  1. Some of our treatments require you to follow pre and post-care instructions. You agree
    to follow all the instructions provided to you. We may deny liability if you fail to follow
    the after-care instructions we give you. If you suffer unforeseen complications or have any
    concerns, during available business hours, you agree immediately to seek advice from one
    of our in-clinic therapists, aestheticians or doctor.
  2. We rely on you to inform us about your medications, medical conditions, illnesses,
    allergies or surgeries, and any reactions you may have had to any treatment (whether with
    us or elsewhere) in the past and continue to update any changes that may affect your
    treatment. If you fail to disclose something relevant and you suffer a reaction, we may deny
    liability because of that non-disclosure.
  3. You agree to seek treatment immediately if you suffer an allergic or other reaction to a
    product or treatment. If you fail to seek treatment immediately, we may deny liability if
    your condition worsens as a result of not seeking that treatment. During business hours,
    Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic will offer immediate treatment for an allergic or other reaction however,
    if you suffer a reaction after hours, you should seek the advice of your local health care
  4. If you choose to pay for treatment courses in instalments, be aware you cannot change
    your mind. All deposits and instalments on treatment courses are non-refundable, but may
    be transferable for another treatment.
  5. Any promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary gift vouchers, special packages,
    or any other such special offers may be redeemed up to but no later than the expiry date.
  6. Expired Gift Vouchers will be honoured for the original purchase price.
  7. Promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary gift vouchers or any other special
    offers are not redeemable for products or for cash and may not be used in lieu of cash.
  8. Promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary gift vouchers or any other special
    offers are valid for appointments made by or within, whichever is applicable, but no later
    than the expiry date stated in the offer and/or written on the voucher. Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic will not accept any liability in such cases where the client fails to make an appointment within the validity period.
  9. Clients must advise their use of promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary gift
    vouchers or any other special offers at the time of making their booking otherwise the full cost of the treatment will be charged.
  10. Without exception, Gift Vouchers or coupons must be presented at the time of appointment
    to redeem the service, treatment, product or other benefits, otherwise, full payment
    (whichever is applicable at the time) will be charged.
  11. Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic is not liable for any complimentary gift voucher or prepaid gift voucher,
    which is lost or stolen or not presented at the point of sale.
  12. There are no refunds for payments made where a gift voucher or coupon is not presented at the time of sale. Instead, the gift voucher or coupon may be presented at another time subject to the expiry date and other terms & conditions.
  13. Complimentary gift vouchers may only be used towards full priced treatments.
  14. If you are using a promotional offer, discount, complimentary gift voucher, or free treatment offer, failure to attend an appointment will result in the forfeiture of the service and the cancellation of the instrument you would have used for that service.
  15. We do not give refunds or credits on promotional offers, special discounts,
    complimentary gift vouchers or any other special offers for any reason.
  16. Except where stated otherwise, all promotional offers, special discounts,
    complimentary gift vouchers or any other special offers are limited to one per customer
    and are non-transferable.
  17. You are required to give us 48 hours’ prior notice of cancellation or change of
    appointment. If you do not give us notice you must pay the full charge for the service we
    were to provide you. In certain extraordinary circumstances, Head Office management
    may waive the charge at their sole discretion.
  18. Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic reserves the right to vary these Terms & Conditions without advance notice and from time to time as may become necessary.