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Waxing in Sydney: Experience Smooth & Hair-Free Skin

When you need to get waxing done, you want the best results, and our Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic is here to help you look and feel your best. We offer a full range of waxing in Sydney in our salon and plenty of other services to suit your health and beauty needs.

Why Choose Waxing Over Other Hair Removal Methods?

removal, waxing is the best choice for comfort and cost. Waxing removes hair directly from the root, resulting in a closer removal. It can prevent hair from growing back quickly and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. In some cases, hair will even grow back thinner than before.

Our Range of Expert Waxing Services:

Our extensive waxing hair removal service suits any needs. We offer minor services like face, eyebrow and upper lip waxing. These are great options to address small unwanted hair and are easy to upkeep. We also provide full body, leg, back, bikini, Brazilian and G-string services. These services aim to make you feel your best on the beach, by the pool or to look and feel flawless for any outfit or occasion.

Whether you need minor services or a full Brazilian wax in Sydney, you’re guaranteed to leave our clinic feeling smooth and hair-free. Our treatments are available for both male and female clientele.

Frequently Asked Questions About Waxing

While everyone is different in preference and need, most waxing services should be done every two to four weeks.

Depending on your service, you can expect your session to take anywhere from 15-45 minutes. For those who are waxing for the first time, expect it to take a little longer. The more frequently you return, the faster and easier the sessions become.

Your skin will be delicate, so avoid heat-related activities like hot showers, steamy saunas, or sunbathing. Wear breathable clothing to prevent painful friction, and do not exfoliate your skin after your treatment for at least 2-3 days. Exfoliating before is fine, but it should be at least 24 hours before your appointment. Do not shave between waxing for best results, and schedule waxing sessions regularly.

Our clinic sets itself apart from the rest in many ways. We offer extensive services, and our staff continuously develops to ensure we follow best practices and updated procedures. Our focus is on hygiene, comfort and your overall happiness.

Prices will vary depending on the service. Smaller waxing appointments like face, lip or eyebrow can range anywhere from $10-25. Waxing hair removal service prices can vary between $35-60 for larger areas, like the legs or the back.

Our clinic offers a wide array of beauty and health services beyond waxing in Sydney. We provide skin treatments and laser hair removal in Sydney. Our Sydney skin clinic caters to men and women. If you’ve been searching online for “waxing services near me”, look no further than Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic. Book an appointment online with us today and experience the joy of soft, smooth skin.

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