Laser Hair Removal Sydney: Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

Feel like your best self with laser hair removal in Sydney. Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic proudly offers a range of IPL and Laser options to rid yourself of unwanted hair and effectively reduce white or grey hairs. With all services conducted by experienced and professional therapists, Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic provides the best laser hair removal Sydney has to offer. Laser hair removal is an effective long-term solution to say goodbye to unwanted hair and keep your skin smooth and supple.


Benefits of laser hair removal

For many years, people have been seeking the most effective ways to rid themselves of unwanted hair. Some opt for professional waxing in Sydney, with others seeking a more permanent solution. Laser hair removal is a relatively recent development in the world of hair removal and has quickly become one of the most popular services at our Medi-Skin Clinic.

With minimal side effects, this quick and easy process involves the targeted destruction of hair follicles so that the hair in the treatment areas will not return. This precise treatment program means no more ingrown hairs and minimal ongoing maintenance, so unwanted hair does not have to be part of your daily routine ever again.


How long between laser hair removal sessions?

For safety reasons, it is recommended to wait 4 to 6 weeks between laser hair removal appointments. This allows your skin time to recover and for the hair follicles that haven’t yet been taken care of to regrow. This enables your therapist to identify the target points in your next session.

Sometimes hair follicles can become dormant, not growing as quickly as their counterparts. Once initial laser treatments are completed, these dormant follicles are spurred into a new growth phase, and this is when your therapist can identify and remove these follicles for a completely smooth finish. It is recommended that your skin have no sun exposure for 4 weeks before receiving any laser treatments and keep the treated areas out of the sun for 4 weeks after treatments as well.

What is the best way to find laser hair removal near me?

Choosing your clinic for laser hair removal in Sydney is a personal thing. Finding trusted professionals is key to your being satisfied with the end result.  When it comes to facial services, settling for anything less than the best laser hair removal Sydney has to offer is unacceptable. The team at Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic offer years of training and experience in  laser hair removal, making them the perfect choice to rid yourself of unwanted hair.

With an impressive range of quality skin treatments in Sydney, Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic is the ideal choice for laser and IPL hair removal treatments. Conveniently located in the St George area means that finding and getting to our clinic is as quick and easy as removing your unwanted hair once you arrive. Contact our laser hair removal Sydney clinic today for a preliminary skin consultation and find out why so many people choose Devoted Medi-Skin Clinic for laser hair removal in Sydney.