LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy can be used for multiple skin conditions. It used as a catalytic modality to encourage the skin to repair and renew through the chosen light program. It was first introduced to heal burn victums, with amazing results. It can kill bacteria in the case of acne, boost collagen production and increase the repair rate of skin tissue.

Powerful Clinical Grade LED systems, including; Max Plus boasts a rythmic series of light infusions, it’s cellular interval training for your skin. And Omnilux Revive; increasing tissue oxygenation and detoxification giving optimal results. These may be used on there own or as an addition to other skin programs.

Each light program delivered corresponds to pure wavelength of light and corresponds with a specific therapeutic action within skin cells.


  • Improve healing times (shorten recovery)
  • Reduce inflammation (relieve related discomfort)
  • Treat acne (reduce skin p. acne bacteria)
  • Enhance skin rejuvenation treatments (encourage skin cell renewal)
  • Encourage collagen production (helping to slow down ageing, restore balanced skin functions, and repairing sun damaged skin)
  • Relieve pain (improve comfort)

NOTE:  A treatment includes either face and neck OR decollette.

Body treatments available

Price on Request