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Laser Pigmentation Removal in Sydney: Achieve Clear & Even-Toned Skin

PicoLaser Rejuvination

Pico Laser Rejuvination delivers powerful, yet gentle energy pulses to the deeper layers of the skin at an exceptionally rapid rate without breaking through the surface of the skin. This “cool laser,” is unique and delivers energy to the skin with very little heat, treating fine lines and wrinkles. Treatments with the PicoLaser take between 5 and 30 minutes. After the treatment you will have some reddening of the skin, which will start to subside within 3 hours.

Every client’s skin is different and some wrinkles respond better than others. Dramatic results may be seen after just one or two treatments. Very deep wrinkles cannot be erased altogether, but they will significantly improve in appearance, becoming softened and less visible. Rapid production of collagen and elastin by the skin after PicoLaser treatment is much less invasive option than surgery. With minimal recovery period, and none of the dangers of surgery, it is not surprising that laser treatments have taken the anti-aging world by storm.

PicoLaser – Pigmenation Treatment

Pico Laser is an advanced laser solution for the treatment of pigmentation and even hard-to-treat melasma.

This revolutionary technology boasts three wavelengths and uses ultra short picosecond (trillionths of a second) pulses to treat a broader range of skin types in fewer treatments and with greater comfort.

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