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Acne Treatments


ALA Acne treatment is a non invasive technique that ustilises Light Technology together with 5-Aminolovulinic Acid (ALA) to effectively reduce (Propionibacterium) P.acne bacteria. It also reduces inflamation and overactivity in oil glands. Programs are individually created

Price on request.

Laser Acne Treatment

Laser treatment reduces acne inflammation by heating overactive sebaceous glands, accelerating the healing process and reducing the possibility of developing new acne inflammation. Laser treatment of acne scars is based on a precise and gentle skin resurfacing procedure, where the laser is absorbed by the top micro-layers of the skin to vaporize scarred skin and stimulate the production of new collagen in the dermis.

Price on request.

CIT – Microneedling

Focuses on scaring left behind from cystic forms of Acne. Targeting each scar to reprogram tissue and giving a shallower depth to  each scar resulting in a smoother overall appearance.
(Can only be done once acne has completely subsided.)

Price on request.