Enzyme/Peels VS Laser Fractional Resurfacing

Considering smoothing skin texture and pore minimisation is a common concern for most of us. Understanding the skin structure and how the skin can be encouraged to achieve smoother results is not the same for all skin types let alone your individual circumstances. Understanding that there are always other game players is key. For example, you may also have wrinkles, laxity, hypersensitivity, rosacea, pigmentation or acne. It is important to us that each person is assessed through your skin consultation to achieve your optimum results. After all, you are unique in all your complexity.


Put simply, these work from a chemical perspective; targeting surface skin tissue. For example, some have a great proficiency for regulating sebum and are attracted to issues that relate to this concern; such as congested pores, pimples and acne.

Proliferation of keratinosites and lack of desquamation may give a dull appearance to the skin; by using specific enzymes or peels skins may be liberated, leaving the skin brighter and smoother in appearance.

Keeping our lens focused on the skin barrier health, we choose these wonderful tools very carefully within the skin care market, with the intent to bring you results but not at any price.

It is common practice for Enzymes and Peels to incorporated into a treatment session and not just a stand alone. This choice may boost the overall performance of your treatment reaching your targets more effectively.


When wielded by a professional, Lasers are an efficient protocol in a Dermal Therapist’s tool kit. A Fractional Laser, as the name implies, is a chosen type of laser that has been filtered to produce smaller beams within the overall spot size.

This means there are also fractional areas of skin within the each shot that remain untreated by the laser and others that have been given the intended energy. Why bother.. you ask? This means less inflammation and faster recovery.

As the treated areas absorb the energy the surrounding tissue benefits from a surge of activity, creating new cell proliferation.

In view of skin smoothing, our laser of choice is Erbium. Once treated the area immediately responds, making it visually smoother. Skin may be pink from 6-24hours after treatment with some dryness or flaking of old skin that may occur from day 3 to 7 post treatment as the new skin emerges. It is a wonderful addition to treatment protocols and may be used on problem areas or on the entire area.

Both choices may used sequentially without any adverse effects in one treatment or added to boost your skin rejuvenation plan.